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Quentin de Grandmaison

Senior Software Engineer


32 y/o
French & English


Quentin de Grandmaison

Work Experience

February 2022 - September 2023
Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead, Dashlane
Working in the Authentication Team as a Tech Lead.
  • Responsible for maintenance & evolution of authentication workflows on Dashlane Web Extension: email-token, 2FA with OTP1 / OTP2 / Push, SSO & account migrations.
  • Design & architecture for transitioning from MV2 to MV3 in the team, with the introduction of state machines, using XState.
  • Mentoring junior / intermediate engineers to help them grow technically
Skills: React.js, TypeScript, Redux, Jest, RxJS, Node.js, XState, Software Design
April 2019 - February 2022
Software Engineer, Dashlane
Working in the Desktop Migration Team / Authentication team
  • Bringing desktop features on web, such as ID document management
  • Implementing 2FA enablement / disablement workflows
  • Working on the internal Design System library
Work in the Desktop Team, working on a Dashlane C# prototype.
  • Use of Chakra-core to embed Dashlane JS core library
  • Development of a front-end using C# / .NET
  • Work on microsoft UWP sandbox system and security model
Skills: JavaScript, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), .NET Framework, C#
June 2018 - Jan. 2019
Engineer, French School at Athens

Development of a Web GIS for archaeologists of the school, to visualize data gathered on the field

Allow 3D visualization of the terrain & some remaining structures using 3D models coming from photogrammetry

Skills: Javascript, PHP, ES2015, VueJS, OpenLayers, CesiumJS
Feb. 2015 - April 2018
Software Engineer, Therenva

Development of a medical software, EndoSize, a backend website, as well as a companion app for Android / iOS

Skills: C++, Qt5, CMake, Zend Framework 2, Cordova
March - Sept. 2014
Software Engineer, Capptain

Real-time processing of analytic events of 100k+ devices

Development of widgets to monitor the system.

Skills:Trident, Kafka, GWT
June - Sept. 2013
Web Developer, CartelMatic

Development of an interactive media player for tourism

Skills: Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL
April - June 2011
Web Developer, Miwim (RetailMeNot)

Processing of XML product catalogs weighing several GBs

Technologies: PHP, XML/SAX, MongoDB, MySQL, Reddis


2011 - 2015
University of Rennes 1
Graduate Engineering School of Rennes (ESIR)
April 2015
University of Rennes 1
TOEIC (975 pts)
2009 - 2011
University of South Brittany
Information Technology Diploma


3D Printing
Scuba Diving
Board & video games